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No 1

Splash Kitchen Worktop Saver

Also known as blood dripping chopping board

splash chopping board


No 2


Shot Glass

No 3

Splash Spoon Rest

Also known as blood dripping spoon

No 4

Half Pint

Milk Carton Jug


half pint jug

No 5

6 Traditional School Milk Bottles In Crate

Memories so many memories!


school milk bottles in crate

No 6

Mr Tea
Tea Infuser

Mr Tea Infuser

No 7


Bedside Babushka Carafe


bedtime babushka carafe

No 8

Egg Skelter

Available in loads of cool colours

egg skelter

No 9


Clever Cooking Ideas!



No 10

Katana Bookends

Live On The Darkside



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