Peers Hardy - Mini Mazeball Puzzle - Toys & Games - mzube - PHD2053
Peers Hardy - Mini Mazeball Puzzle - Toys & Games - mzube - PHD2053
Peers Hardy - Mini Mazeball Puzzle - Toys & Games - mzube - PHD2053
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This is A-Mazeing!

The Mazeball is the top selling 3-D labyrinth game enclosed in a transparent plastic sphere. By twisting and turning the sphere 360 degrees players attempt to maneuver a small, steel ball through an intricate maze composed of narrow plastic tracks.


  • Addictive spherical "ball through a maze" 3D puzzle with 100 steps
  • Tilt to guide the ball through a 3 dimensional multi-coloured maze.
  • With labyrinths, platforms & runways to improve patience & dexterity
  • Made from strong plastic with rim around the circumference
  • Suitable for ages 8 years +. 

There are obstacles of varying difficulty that must be navigated across in order to get the steel ball to the end (position 100). The experience offers hours of entertainment and fun as you work out the tricks that are needed to get between some of the more complicated positions.

Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes that are composed of one path, Mazeball houses various exhilarating tracks with 100 barriers and provides a three dimensional experience unlike any puzzle you have ever tried. You must work with gravity and carefully shift, flip, and twist the sphere to guide the marble. Players can race each other or the clock. On top of being entertaining, Mazeball is also an educational toy, and assists in children s development. 


The Mazeball  is a great toy for children to exercise their motor and dexterity skills, as well as improve their hand-eye coordination. Its small size makes it easily portable and also no batteries are required. Although the puzzle does have a minimum recommended age of six years old - we also guarantee that adults will love the puzzle and spend ages trying to discover the secret to getting from position 1 to position 100


The mazeball game is so fun and engaging that for some it has become an addiction. But this is in a good sense of the addiction. The game is extremely challenging and can develop your motor skills. It teaches you patience and persistence as well. The fun fact about the game is that kids and adults cannot really get frustrated when playing, because no matter what, they want to reach their goal – to solve the puzzle. Everybody likes mazes and this game is exactly what you are looking for. Ball addicted is actually something you would like your kid to be, because you know the sad alternative – the computer games. Those are already scientifically proven to be addictive and not in a good sense. First of all the hours spend in font of the computers screen will make your eyes strained and will certainly give you a headache. We have talked to many parents and they complain that sometimes their youngsters can stay in front of the screen for a whole day, skipping meals. The maze game can never give you strained eyes and a headache let alone make you skip meals. You can just lay it down and continue later. There are no zombies and gunshots in the maze, the game does not provoke aggression. The Mazeball is truly a fine game for your children and certainly a game they can play in the car, while you drive. The game will entertain them and keep your kids quiet.

Also available in larger version mazeball

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