Jun 16, 2013

Shopping for the Cool Friend who has Everything


When you are looking for a gift for the friend who has everything, where are you going to look? What are you going to buy for the coolest person you know who can buy themselves just about anything they might want? It is a difficult challenge, but there are some answers and ideas for you to consider.


First you need to think about what type of unique and unusual things does your friend like to do or like to have? What do they buy themselves that is really unique? In thinking about these types of things, you will come up with some ideas for your gift. Is your friend into puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube? If this is a favorite then why not celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Cube, with a Rubik mug for your puzzle playing, coffee drinking friend. This classic square mug made in the likeness of the Cube runs about 8 to 9 pounds.



So your friend who has everything is not into puzzles, hey?  They are, however, into vintage items. There are many gifts you can find in this category including vintage signs, vintage clothes, games and novelties. Even if he or she really does have just about everything, they cannot possibly have all the vintage games that are available. This includes games like Pick up Stix in the retro version from Ridley’s House of Novelties Pick Up Sticks.  If this is not the right choice, try an old fashioned wooden game such as the traditional floating ball game. This game consists of a pipe made from wood and two lightweight balls. The point of the game is to make the ball float in the air by means of blowing through the wooden pipe.


Still have not found the right choice of gift for your cool friend because they are more into what is trending now than what was going on in the past? Let’s look at what’s trending now. There are many cool tea infusers that are trendy today including a small yellow submarine, a model of the Titanic, Mr. Tea and a ‘manatea’. Not into tea? Don’t worry we have many ideas for your friend.


Since we know that your friend is really cool and has a great sense of humor, let’s look at some around the house items that will get some great laughs. Take a look at Mustard’s Off the Hook Shower Head. This shower head is in the design of a red telephone that is ‘off the hook’. This is gift that is sure to get you and your friend who has everything plenty of laughs. Of course, your friend’s guests will have to visit the shower to appreciate it.


Maybe the crazy Melting Chrome Shelf Clock by Thumbs Up will be the perfect trendy gift. This actual working quartz clock is based on a piece of art by Salvador Dali. Your friend will appear to be hip and funny at the same time with this clock that looks as if a large pocket watch has melted all over his mantel! This clock/artwork will sit on any shelf or flat surface, and it is sure to make an interesting impression.  This is surely a great gift for the friend who has everything.


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