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New gifts at mzube this April

Gifts which will put a smile on your face and keep your drink cold this summer.


Fairground Coin Pusher - Great Fun Gadget

retro amusement coin pusher
The classic fairground arcade game has finally arrived in mini table top form for the office and home. The Fairground Coin Pusher gives all the excitement, frustration and reward of the real full size version, complete with an anti-tilt mechanism to foil underhanded attempts to cheat the machine whilst adding authenticity.

Addictive enough to keep you playing again and again with its coin nudging shelf, arcade style music and lights, you’ll be hard ‘pushed’ to stop trying to win.

Ideal for grown-ups wanting to master the seemingly easy but truly frustrating art of getting the pennies to drop off the shelves, down the chute and into their pockets (or back into the machine!) amusing for children and a fantastic gimmick at parties where you can let your guests use their loose change for your own benefit.

 Get one now and make use of them old 1 p's



FREEZE - Freezer Mug - Great Summer Gift

keep beer cold mug
This plastic freezer mug has the slogan "FREEZE" printed on it.

Made from plastic and internally filled with pure water for quick freezing, this mug holds 500ml (17oz)

To use, simply place the mug upside down in your freezer, when frozen solid, remove and fill with your favourite beverage.

Not recommended for use in microwave ovens.


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