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We have some exiting new items in stock for June 

Chain wine bottle floating wine illusion

This illusion is exactly how it looks.
This will look great in any high value kitchen or dining room

 the unusual wine bottle holder

Creating a magical optical illusion using the principle of balance, the Magic Chain Wine Bottle Holder is crafted from chromed iron chain, the links of which are welded together so it curves upwards to hold the bottle, which appears to float. Suitable for all standard wine bottles, the Floating Chain Wine Bottle Holder is guaranteed to cause a stir at any dinner party and will be a huge talking point. "Oh I say, isn't that brilliant - how does it work" etc etc....!! The perfect gift for the fun loving vino connoisseur perhaps - they tend to get a bit bored of wine books, corkscrews and novelty bottle stops. Comes packaged in a sturdy gift box.

This bottle holder will have even Paul Daniels quaking in his boots!

 Let your pots cool in style

 designer novelty gifts

Hotman is a steel trivet which is designed to hold your hot pot without damaging the work bench. Hotman's arms and legs are designed so that they bend at exactly the right angle to hold your pot steady and safely. He's good for outdoor feasts and indoor dining alike and looks cool and quirky without showing up your other kitchen tools.

Plus, unlike normal men, the Hotman can be tidied away with no mess - just hang him up with all the other utensils!

The Hotman is available in either red or silver. Both are off the hook!


  • Steel Trivet to keep hot pots off surfaces
  • Designed by Peleg Design
  • H2.5 x W21 x D16cm
  • Available in Silver & Red (Red is available to pre order normally 5 to 10 working days. Contact us if you wish to pre-order Red)

 No more lost keys with the super strong Key Pete

 key pete the magnetic key holder

 Losing your keys before work or a night out is SOOOO annoying! But what if you always knew where they were because your good ole' mate Pete had em' all along..? That would be brilliant yes? Well look no further!

Key Pete is as cute as a truck load of kittens and as strong as an ox!! He's a reliable guardian of your keys, in fact Key Pete can hold up to 30 keys (plus whatever else metallic you want to bung on there). He holds them with his amazingly strong magnetic arm, while the other arm can cling to any surface from a filing cabinet to a fridge!

Key Pete (keep it - get it!? Ahem) is like that mate you couldn't live without. The kind that would call you a cab at the end of the night and make sure you got home OK.

Available in red and blue, Key Pete is a great gift for everyone!

What do those folk that enjoy blogging have to say about our lil' Key Pete then..? Have a look below to see.

Build Your Own Camper Van Desk Tidy

vw camper van desk tidy 

Custom Camper is a pop out camper van that allows you to build your own van, personalise it and then find a job for it. Custom Camper is a must have gift for anyone who's a fan of travelling in style. To build your own, simply open it up, make a few simple folds and there you have it - your very own 3D custom camper to hold your pens. Now the fun begins... you can pimp your ride using the enclosed sticker sheets. And this one doesn't break down!!
Whether its a student who needs to tidy their act up or a yuppy at their desk, this gift is fun, practical and looks great!

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