Jul 28, 2011

Retro bags at mzube

hong kong phooey baglooney toonshanna barberapenelope pitstopwarner bros brothersthe goonies

danger mouse and penfold


A few years back it wouldn't of been cool to walk around with Danger-mouse and Penfold on your back, but now it is Cool weather your are a 10 year old or 50 year Old the retro Cool is back! Our range is a mix of Flight bags and the Classic Sports Bag and come in a range of your favourite Retro cartoon favourites which include.Warner Brothers looney Toons Daffy Duck, Danger Mouse, Boosh Gimp, Hanna barbera Penelop Pitstop & Muttley, The Goonies, Hong Kong Phooey. The bags are the perfect solution for going back to school, as a general up the town bag, or for the Big Boss in the office. Some of the Sports bags can be used to store your 15" laptop in and all are finished to a very high quality.

Come and check out our stock now and miss out the disappointment!

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