Aug 19, 2011

We are pleased to announce that we have some Designer products now in stock from the hot Design Gift Company J-ME

j me key holders

We have a great new Key Holder from lead gift design company J-ME which can be purchased individual or a couple for that perfect couple. The product has been made to a very high standard and will look great on the most luxury house walls. This was also featured in the hit Brad Pit Movie called Mr. and Mrs. Smith

J-ME Tape dispenser

From the same Company J-ME we have the very classy and Retro Cassette tape sticky tape holder. This is a large chunk of well-built Gadget and will please any Retro Fan. The build quality on this item is great and it has a real weighty feel.


Bis Pen Lid


Also in our J-ME range look at our Bic Pen Desktop holders which are an absolute Gem of a Gift. The Bic pen has graced every household. J-Me has produced this perfectly crafted holder for storing your favourite pens and pencils. The product has been weighted so you can be certain it will not roll of your desk. It is available in different colours just like the real thing.

J me Remote tidy

Are you fed up always loosing the Sky Plus remote and your surround sound remote. We all loose them down the side of the Sofa or under the Armchair. Well not any longer as J-Me have manufactured a very classy Remote Tidy.

This is made of a rubber like material which is great to feel and very pleasing to the eye. And this is available in our store to buy today!

J-Me Door Stop

Finally check out some very classy Door Stops to hold open you Living Room door. They will not crack as they are also made from a very hard-wearing Rubber type material. This product is a very unique gift and will fit snugly in someone's Christmas stocking this year. The product like all the J-Me products come in some quality looking packaging.

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