Jul 01, 2012



 Get Prepared For Your Festival


Festival season is now upon us and its time to get your essential clobber together because you don't know if we will be graced with the rain or sunshine, which means that you need to be prepared for whatever the sky above will bring to us. No matter what the weather is why would you want to destroy your expensive footwear, when you can not only protect them but also look funky as you party through the night with a pair of Festival Feet from the guys at Spinning Hat.

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The funky feet come in 3 colours Red, Yellow and Blue and are made from a lightweight material the same material you see the grime busters or forensic crew wearing on the TV and at £4.99 you can afford to throw them away if they get destroyed after hours of dancing, but at least your shoes will survive the battle!


Use code MZUBEFEST for 10% off your festival feet


Festival Dates & Information For 2012

Don't miss out on your essential  festival dates throughout 2012 and view all the information from who will be playing, to how to book the tickets.


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