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Planning The Big Day

wedding table ideas



You are planning your big day and although you want to be different from everyone else you do not want to stray to far away from the traditional wedding theme. We recently introduced a new product to our store which is 6 traditional mini milk bottles which are presented in a great looking white retro metal crate, and we think they will fit perfect into your wedding plans.





The wedding table decoration

wedding table decorations



The table display for the big day has to be done to perfection, or you will have a load of sniggering guests. So why not fill the individual bottles with your favourite hand picked wedding flowers which will be sure to make the perfect wedding table decoration. which can be displayed with some fantastic looking wedding flowers. You can even let the guests take home their own individual bottle as a reminder of the fantastic day.


                                         Wedding Favour Ideas


wedding favour ideas 

Can you imagine individual mini glass bottles which are filled with some sweet sugar almonds, or even some pink and white sherbet crystals. If you want to be daring what about some space dust for that extra sparkle in the mouth. The ideas are endless as you can have different assorted sweets for the kids and some gob stoppers or sour sweets for the men.


 The Wedding Drink 


the wedding glass 


Now you want to raise a toast for the big day for you and your guests but you want to step away from the traditional glass of fizz. Why not fill the individual bottles with that fine champagne and even some milkshake for the kids topped off with a pink and white straw which will make the perfect wedding glass

The milk bottle crates are available from our store at a great price off only £9.99

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