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Looking After Your Gadgets

The guide to looking after your best gadgets

Keeping Your Gadgets Safe and Secure

With the technological industry expanding the functions of electronic items at a faster rate than they can be learned, gadgets have become an everyday object for most people. From a smartphone to a flat-screen TV, gadgets can be found in the pockets or homes of almost everyone. This leads to a rather pressing question however; how do you keep that important gadget, safe, secure and clean? Many people use risky measures to keep their gadgets in good-as-new condition, and most of these risky methods could be avoided with a little pre-planning and extra knowledge about the available options.

Safety for Your Gadgets

There are understandably different safety tips here for different items, so there is not a general rule for all items. However, there is a safety option that should be used by all gadgets that have it as an option; and that is protective casing. Most phones, laptops and similar can be accessorised with protective cases and covers to help extend the length of their useable life, and to help avoid any scratches or other common accidental issues. These protective covers and cases usually come in a range of styles and colours, so anyone can accessorise their gadgets to suit their personal preferences.

Another good rule to employ when dealing with gadgets is to keep them away from direct sunlight. It may sound like a rule that is just put into place as a precaution, something that does not need to be followed strictly; however sunlight can be very damaging for gadgets. If an object is left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time it can cause permanent damage to the screen, and sometimes even the components inside the object. Just remember – your gadget doesn’t want a tan.

Gadget Security

Keeping your gadget secure can be achieved in a number of different ways; however some are less obvious than others. One of the first, and most important security options, is the need for an on-going warranty or an insurance plan that covers it. Most suppliers of gadgets will offer a standard warranty with the option to extend this warranty for longer for a pre-determined sum of money. Extending this warranty is often a good idea; although it may seem like a gamble initially it can often work out to be worthwhile if something goes wrong with the gadget.

Similarly, check with your contents insurance company if they will cover your new gadget in your home plan; most companies offer the ability to add a set number of items to an insurance plan for contents coverage over the period of a year. If you do not have contents insurance you should consider investing in it; with the increasing cost of technology and the increasing need for it within everyday life, having coverage for the items, both technological and otherwise, inside your home is essential, especially as it means you will receive financial aid if disaster should strike, allowing you to replace your lost items without too much hassle. Just be sure to fully research a contents insurance plan prior to purchase to ensure you know all of the available options. Getting this type of specific cover should also keep your gadgets safe and covered from the threat of theft and other similar security problems, allowing you to feel more relaxed when leaving gadgets at home or travelling around with them.

If you travel with your gadgets a lot, it may be in your best interests to make an anonymous email address that you attach to the devices that travel with you. This means if the item does get lost whoever finds it will have a way to contact you, without you giving away an excess of personal information. It may seem unlikely that anyone will email; however there are many good people who will just want to see your item returned to you. Also, another security and safety idea here can be to back-up all of your important information that is held on a device to another storage device such as a USB memory stick or similar. This means you will always have access to the most important information that you need, whether you have access to your gadget or not.


Cleaning Your Gadgets

Gadgets can easily build-up some dirt and grime as they are so commonly used throughout everyday life. Knowing how to remove this dirt can be tough though, sometimes it seems like whatever you try just isn’t quite cleaning it; however for the most part water and a soft cloth will give you the best results possible. Dampen a soft cloth with warm water, and wipe it over the surface of your gadget; ensuring your gadget is switched off and has no power – remove the batteries from the gadget if you can. Using the warm water should remove any sweat, dust or dirt that was stuck to the gadget and the cloth should avoid any scratches that paper towels or similar may cause. Always consult the item manual prior to cleaning it as it may give more specific instructions; however water and a soft cloth are good options as a default.

Looking after your gadgets is very important to ensure they reach their maximum potential and lifespan. Having protective casings, extended warranties, insurance and back-ups in place allow you to carry your gadgets on your travels with less worry, meaning you can focus on the more important things in life, allowing your gadgets to aid you without adding any stress.



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