Feb 22, 2013

Have A Joke On Us!



We love laugh at the mzube office so we will update our blog every week with our favourite jokes.


Feel free to update with your own jokes but they must be clean and firendly suitable for the family shoppers as any in poor taste will be removed from the Blog


Ariel joke

I was working in Tesco, re-arranging boxes of soap powder in aisle 7, when in walks the blonde girl I'd scored with last night. She said "Oi!. You told me you were a stunt pilot .... you lying bugger"I replied "No, I told you I was part of the Ariel display team ...."!!


Don't play Monopoly


I took being sent to jail really badly. I refused all food and drink . Spat and swore at everyone and i smeared the walls with my own poo....... The family said they are never playing Monopoly with me again.



The Horse Meat Scare Spreads To B&Q



B&Q have withdrawn all off their flooring in the recent Horse meat scare!
They now reckon that B&Q's flooring has got lambinit!


The powertool laugh!

Some bloke just hit me over the head with a power tool.I was minding my own business then all of a sudden,  'Bosch'.

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